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LaMalfa: A Legacy for One-of-a-Kind Weddings

Celebrating 53 years as a family-run business, LaMalfa has built a legacy in Northeast Ohio as a premier venue for one-of-a-kind weddings, from rehearsal dinners to receptions and everything in between.

“We work directly with brides and their Pinterest boards to create a wedding theme based on their own unique style and personality,” says President/CEO/Managing Senior Partner Martin LaMalfa. “Brides receive one-on-one consultations with our in-house event consultants who provide guidance and expert advice. This level of attention is what sets us apart from other venues in the region.”

A Success Story

LaMalfa began with humble beginnings and has transformed into a true success story. In 1963, LaMalfa’s mother and father opened a small store in Willowick called Vine Beverage. They would prepare party trays in the basement and sell them to local community centers and private homes. “My mother was my father’s support arm during the entire building stages of the company,” LaMalfa says.

Demand grew for their products and services, and the LaMalfa family opened Vine Party Center in the 1970s. In 1986, they made the decision to open a new venue on Heisley Road, and LaMalfa Party Center made its official debut in 1989. Fast-forward to today, and LaMalfa is a shining example of hard work, passion and dedication. The venue hosts more than 100 weddings each year.

“My father was a Korean War veteran and cook in the army, so many of the recipes to this day are inspired by his cooking and my family’s Sicilian heritage,” LaMalfa explains “It’s very important to me to continue to carry on the family legacy.”

Beautiful Ballrooms

A truly glamorous setting for weddings, LaMalfa offers four breathtaking ballrooms that accommodate up to 1,500 guests for wedding receptions. Each ballroom features newly remolded magnificent crystal chandeliers, neutral colors and elegant white satin ribbons suspended from the ceiling. With each ballroom combined, there is more than 120 feet of bar space, ensuring guests never have to wait in long lines for beverage service.

No matter a bride’s vision for her special day, Lamalfa flexible ballrooms provide a beautiful canvas to customize a wedding reception and cocktail hour in a variety of layouts. For example, many brides use two ballrooms, one to create a romantic space for the reception and another to create a trendy nightclub-inspired look for cocktail hour and late-night snacks.

A recent renovation has given LaMalfa a modern decor complete with mod-style furniture and a soft monotone color scheme. “We’re transitioning from a Tuscany-inspired look to a more modern design,” LaMalfa says. “Instead of following the trends, we try to stay ahead of the trends.”

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